Poem A Day Challenge April 2019


This is my second time joining in on the Poem A Day Challenge. I'm focusing on environmental poems, so there will probably be lots of those. I'm also hoping once a week, to share some poems I'm working on that tell of a time my parents took us north to homestead. Otherwise, we shall see what happens. 

Posts with an asterisk are part of The Pine Valley series. 

1. Morning Ritual

2. Early Garden

3. Communion

4. Akebono Prunus X Yedoensis

5. Leaving*

6. Word Stew

7. endings are never really

8. Dealing With The Inevitable

9. Quail

10. Paint Chip Poetry

11. Amanda

12. Characters*

13. Morning Joy

14. Another One

15. Hold On

16. These Hands

17. Cherubs

18. drought

19. journey*

20. Politics

21. A Poem For Lost Glasses

22. Earth Day

23. Grandma and Grampa

24. And the People

25. Marguerite

26. Arrival*

27. Substitute

28. earth wept

29. Opposite Poems

30. Choir

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