Poem A Day Challenge April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019

Somewhere in the blogosphere last week I read poetry that used paint chips for poem starters. Then I went in search of how they went about it. Yesterday I started doing paint chip poetry with students at the school I am working in. I used an idea from here, although I modified it for younger poets. I also used this idea here.

Here are two poems I created using both of these formats. Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother's death, so it was probably inevitable that this first poem reflect that.

Sunny jonquil is the colour of my mother
I remember her love of daffodils
and how it felt to hug her
I can still hear her voice reciting Wordsworth poetry
I can still see her smile
I miss her joy
Sunny jonquil is the colour of my mother

purple royalty
becomes a vivid orange
morning sunrise
a lovely green day


  1. I celebrated my mother's birthday, today, Cheriee. She's been gone 12 years and I remember too, how it felt to hug her". These are poignant, amazing what seeing a color connects us to. Yes, there are several using paint chips for prompts. One year we used Pantone colors for Laura Shovan's birthday month, in Feb. They are fun. I love that you did it for students, too.

  2. The sunny jonquil poem is a beautiful tribute to your mother. I am really enjoying playing with paint chip poetry this month. So far, I've only written poems that use only paint chip words but I'd like to explore the instructions you share here too.

    1. I've been getting some stunning poetry from students in grades 3 to 7 using the template.

  3. Such a lovely poem for your mother. I haven't heard of these types of poems, but they seem fun to do.