Poem A Day Challenge April 14, 2019

As the eldest of five children, I came to adore all of my siblings, but that doesn't mean it was always easy. This is from one of my earliest memories. I am not certain if these feelings are from the third or fourth baby. 

Both of my little brothers are precious to me now. 

Another One

I might have been three, but I think I was four
This new infant I did not adore

It had the adults in a tizzy
Their fuss and bother made me dizzy

This one was not ordinary 
This one made me quite contrary

The nasty little newborn beast
Had deprived me of my birthday feast

Making matters even worse 
It was a he child, such a curse

Were not three daughters quite enough
Were we not sweet, were we not tough?

Into the bedroom I stealthily crept
Peaking at the wee one as it slept

What made this mewling child unique?
He had no fur, no wings, no beak

I looked outside the window and opened it a bit
Wondering if I threw him out, could I get away with it?

If out the dormer he I dumped,
Could I say that he had jumped?

Happily we two were saved
An aunt came in and hugs she gave

To me, not him and so it is
My little brother got to live


  1. You've shown a common feeling I think. I was the only, only child for six years in the extended family until a cousin came along, then my brother. I remember not liking their attention-getting at all! Love that ending, Cheriee!

    1. I agree that these feelings are probably more common that we mostly acknowledge. I think that we all need to be seen and was lucky to have many aunts and uncles, especially my father's younger siblings, who I always felt close to.