Poem A Day Challenge April 4, 2019

Today's poem is inspired by the world outside our window and by a prompt, somewhere that I can not find to credit, to capture a sense of time, and another prompt to write about sadness.

Akebono Prunus X Yedoensis

from my recliner, 
i gaze in wonder out the window
at the ornamental cherry tree
an efflorescing spectacle

in early spring
a raccoon regularly
wrecks havoc 
trying to steal eggs
from a nest high in it's branches
it’s a standoff until the raccoon gives up
lumbering its way down the trunk
seemingly unperturbed
by the indignant cacophony of crows

at the height of blossoming
the air is fragrant
with such sweet perfume
i weep 
that I have no words to describe
that sacred offering

her girth’s expansive
thick arching branches lift upwards
begging for a treehouse
it's the ideal climbing tree
if only I were young

for nearly a century
our tree and it's kin have
annually adorned our street

in resplendent glory
camera clad tourists and
visitors outfitted in finery
congregate to capture 
and bask in the spectacle

they don’t see it
but our tree’s days are numbered
the man at city hall says 
it's just climate change
the dry summers
weakening our tree's immune system

two of her sisters were cut down last year
two others have already been replaced 
with star magnolias
the branches
of the remaining trees
increasingly barren
with each rotation of the seasons

melancholy, we locals wonder
which one will be next?

but for now, from my recliner,  
i gaze in wonder out the window
at the ornamental cherry tree
an efflorescing spectacle


  1. What a huge loss the cutting of this tree would be for the story of so many lives! I hope it lives!

    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment on my blog. Hope you have an inspiring NaPoWriMo!

  2. Thank you for visiting here. I loved your poem on Remedios Varo.