Poem A Day Challenge April 6, 2019

This year I am participating in the Poem A Day Challenge. 

Sometimes poems need no introduction: this is one of them. 

Word Stew

I went to bed last evening
Certain a poem would come,
But I woke up this morning
To discover there was none

Perhaps it's only sleeping,
I said to my poor self
So I made a pot of coffee
And took a cup from off the shelf

Poured milk into my java
Just like I always do
And I waited and I waited
For my poem to break through

OK I said, start with a word
Any old word will do
That poem is just hiding
Somewhere inside of you

Encourage it for just a bit
A tickle and a tease
You only need to play with it
And whisper pretty please

A second cup of coffee
Is brimming in my cup
I remain almost undaunted
Wishing words would hurry up

I’ll give it one last warning
I have more chores to do
Than poeming in the morning
And cooking up word stew


  1. Ha! I probably should save this one for ME, Cheriee! Some days that stew just won't get put together. Clever poem and the rhyming!