Poem A Day Challenge April 21, 2019

This poem was inspired while reading My Dog is A Carrot by John Hegley. He has six poems in it about glasses that tickled my fancy. While reading them, I remembered an episode in my teen years when my sisters and I lost our glasses. I let the idea percolate for a bit before sitting down and starting writing. John Hegley's poetry is full of humour. In his honour I've tried to write a poem that might make you smile. 

A Poem For Lost Glasses

High ho! High ho! High ho! High ho!
Into the mountains we did go.

We chanced upon a clear clean lake,
and so a stop we did make.

The day was hot and so were we.
Off went our clothes, one, two, three.

From the wharf we all did dive,
leaving our glasses there behind.

Three pair sitting on the edge,
till someone knocked them off that ledge.

Down, down to the deep they went.
A lot of money the folks had spent.

A reward was offered for their find,
while we meandered nearly blind.

Those glasses never were retrieved,
leaving our parents poor and aggrieved.

We all learned forever more
to leave our glasses on the shore.

Somewhere still on that muddy bottom,
our glasses are there but not forgotten.

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  1. Oh my, I imagine your parents' grief and your chagrin! This is funny, but also sad, Cheriee. My daughter once leaned over and her glasses fell, then she stepped on them. Oops!

    1. My parents were not rich, so losing three pair of glasses was a lot of money! They never really got mad though. I think they understood how distressed we all were.

  2. Cheriee, you're the winner of a copy of Janet Wong's book A SUITCASE OF SEAWEED & MORE. Congratulations! Email me your address. (edotdrabikatyahoodotcom)