25/30 Poem A Day Challenge

April 25, 2018

This poem is by no means finished and can only be considered a draft, but it's all I have for today.


Incense, organ music
and a quavering choir
welcome us

An olive skinned Jesus
hangs on a cross centred behind
a candlelit altar adorned with
vases of white blooms

the lyrics of
it’s a wonderful world
catch in my throat

Your final entrance
is celebrated with
a white draped procession
and Amazing Grace

Settled in place of honour
at the front of the church
fragments of coloured light
stream through stained glass arches
to adorn your coffin,
refracting the abundance of your love
on the mourners

Histories of grief
feed into a funnel of funerals
each one
wrenching open
wounds cauterized by time

Assuaging our grief
the tenor’s rendition of Ave Maria
infuses the Latin lyrics
with ethereal holiness
and unites us across time with all of the gone

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1 comment:

  1. It's a loving response to your time, Vicki. You've shown the beauty of this sad time, and the terribleness of it, too, with the thoughts of "funnel of funerals". Hugs to you for writing.