18/30 Poem A Day Challenge

April 18, 2018

I started this poem a year or so ago while travelling the Green Lake Road on our way back to Vancouver from Oliver. In every season this route is ripe with splendour. My partner stopped to take photographs while I scribbled away. I'm certain that neither of us could capture that moment of connection with the sacred in the world.


highlighted by 
a chorus line
of brave new grasses
whirling round
greasewood and sage
dancers pose and pirouette
upon the hillside
lupin and balsamroot
costumed in
indigo, golden brown and yellow
dip and spin
the whistling wind
marking time in this
ceremony of glory for
the return of the sun

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  1. You've made me Google "Green Lake Road" and it is indeed beautiful! It sounds like a lovely road trip, those performances all along the way.

    1. Well, I called the road by the wrong name, although they are in the same area, The road's name changes depending on where you are. Or of course Green Lake Road could be the original name and the name now has been changed.