07/30 Poem A Day Challenge

Some mornings I can't get started writing. This is when I go in search of poetic forms like the ones on this list from writer's digest. Often when I start playing around with a format, the rest of the poem seems to emerge all by itself.

Today I experimented with dodoitsu.

According to Robert Lee Brewer, "This 4-line poem has seven syllables in the first three lines and five syllables in the fourth–and final–line. The dodoitsu often focuses on love or work with a comical twist."

Here is today's poem which addresses one of my loves. 

everyone's an addict
of some kind or another
function is impossible 
without my coffee


  1. Ha! Everything is included, the word, the action and reaction! New form to me! I think that too, but did discover when I was on trips camping with students & often had no coffee, I did survive. (Maybe cause I had to?)

    1. We want camping once and brought decaf without realizing it. We had headaches for a few days til we finished withdrawal.

  2. A new form to me as well and marking it as one to try this month. And I am fully on board with you "function is impossible" line. Just starting my second cup and hoping to get to some writing!