06/30 Poem A Day Challenge

April 6, 2018


It begins

with late winter preparation

branches blush vermillion

buds spark, swell, stretch, effloresce

one here, another there and

burst outlandishly into spectacle 

a fragrant fantastical fairytale delight

all to soon

petals spot the earth in pink snow

It's over

Each spring the street I now live on ends up looking like this. My photographs and poor poem do not do credit to the glory of it, nor does it capture the emotional component of being in the middle of it. I have conveniently left out the bit about the crowds that swarm the street at this time of year. 

This is what we feast our eyes on out our front picture window



  1. Well, the words are quite wonderful, and I love the title. Learning a new word is terrific! That street, "your" street, wow! I think also of the incredible planning and collaboration. Just rewards! Keep going, Cheriee!

    1. I went searching for a word that was kind of like magic, only more profound and when I saw thaumaturgy and looked it up, it was perfect for what seems every year to be an impossible marvel.

  2. I love the imagery, especially the "pink snow" and "a fragrant fantastical fairytale delight," in your timely spring poem. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. The pictures are lovely and the title taught me a new word. It's hard to describe incredible beauty, but your images take us there. This line "buds spark, swell, stretch, effloresce" really struck me - made me think of that scene in film version of The Secret Garden where they use stop motion to show the plants growing. Effloresce is especially good!!

  4. What a beautiful feast! I have spots and trees that I revisit every year just to share in the glory of it all. No wonder you have crowds coming to your street as the trees "burst outlandishly into spectacle."

  5. Breathtaking! You have wonderful words in your poem! I especially liked, your "fragrant fantastical fairytale" line.

  6. Wow. Wow to the words (thanks for thaumaturgy), to the shape, to the photos. Wow.

  7. Oh wow! That is stunning. I think your words do capture a bit of the magic of walking into the middle of that!

  8. It is a marvel, a miracle! Bafflingly beautiful. And your joyous celebration of it all reminds me of one of my favorites - "Blow-up by X.J. Kennedy.