08/30 Poem a Day Challenge

To Do List

I have a long list 
of things that I must do
but the truth is very simple
I'd rather play with you

I really need to make
a different kind of list
full of joy and wonder
and memories not missed

swim at the pool
walk in the park
swing on swings
watch the dogs bark

search for flowers
in lawn and clover
pile up blocks 
that you knock over

read some books 
sing some songs
wave at crows 
and adoring throngs

gaze at the stars
admire the roses
rub together
our loving noses

perch at the window
bang on the glass
let the world know
you're growing up fast 

unfortunately, we won't eat
or frolic on the floor
if I don't get busy
and finish up some chores!


  1. Ha! I'd much rather be doing all those lovely items than 'chores'. Love the easy rhythm and rhyme, Cheriee!

  2. Aww I love this. It's very true that the child games are much more fun than the adult duties! Last week I did more Lego than laundry/downtime than dusting...and I'm still catching up, so going for more balance this week. Think the kids (just turned 6 & 9)appreciated having lots of their mum's time, however ;) I missed the wild excitement when cats stalked into our garden or muffins came out a lot more "chocolatey-looking" than expected, haha.