Loula and Mister the Monster by Anne Villeneuve

Loula loves her dog Mister. 

He's "a little too messy, a little too clumsy and a little too hungry a LOT of the time." 

When she hears her mother say that she's had enough and it is time to get rid of the monster, Loula is worried she will get rid of Mister, who is after all, a bit of a monster. 

After a troubled sleep, she decides to smarten Mister up and teach him some manners.

It starts out ok as she gives him a bath and dresses him in a tie. But it all falls apart when she tries to teach him some table manners. Alas, those cheese tartines are irresistible.

Once again, Gilbert the chauffeur, comes to her rescue. Together they take Mister to the park to see if they can teach him some good manners. 

You can probably anticipate how it turns out as they try to teach him to:

Walk, not run. 
Keep calm and breathe deeply. 
Stay out of Puddles. 
Don't jump on everything. 

Unfortunately, dog whisperers they are not, and eventually the trio end up in serious trouble at the local museum. They leave the park deeply dejected. It looks like Mister just might be a hopeless case. 

Will Lulu's mother get rid of him? 
You will have to read the book to find out.

What I liked:
This book is fun! It's filled with whimsical humour and sweetness at the same time. You can't help but love Loula, Gilbert, her mother, and especially Mister. 
These watercolour illustrations are exceptional. They exude so much joy and tenderness. 

What I don't like:
This is a netgalley copy, and I won't be able to get a real copy until September 1. Then it will be too long a wait before I get to read more Loula adventures. 
I guess I'll have to purchase a copy of Loula and the Sister Recipe, and find our copy of Loula is Leaving for Africa to reread while waiting for the next update.  

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