Poem A Day Challenge April 7, 2019

I am participating in the April Poem A Day Challenge. 

Thankfully, the ornamental cherry trees outside our living room window provide never ending fodder for poetry. 

endings are never really

storm is brewing
undulates branches
a whirling reel
of pink spinners
a frolic of fair folk

branches emerge, 
stoic arms stretching
as tree purges
the pink of spring
readying for
its green getup
of summer

the dance is over
furies spent,
upon the earth
spinning sleepers
quiet now
a carpet of pink


  1. I love this! The first line all by itself makes such a statement. "A frolic of fair folk," I really like this line and so many others! Thank goodness for tree folk. They do inspire!

    1. Thank you. That first line is meant to be a title, but I am sure it might become a poem all on it's own.

  2. Love those 'a whirling reel/of pink spinners' & the 'green getup', Cheriee. You are far ahead of us! I haven't seen one blooming tree yet!