Poem A Day Challenge April 25, 2019

My mother in law enjoyed dressing up in fancy clothes with matching baubles. After she died she left us with boxes of costume jewelry. Her quality pieces, and much of her better trinkets, went to her one granddaughter. Beaded necklaces in glorious colours and shapes filled numerous boxes. We gave most of them away to primary classrooms to use as they wanted. I kept one of them.


I wish you were here.
Ada and Everett
adore your beads:
putting them on,
taking them off,
parading around
adorned in colour.

I wish you could have met
these great grandchildren.
You would have revelled
in their antics
and love for each other.
I imagine your face, 
incandescent with joy.

I wish you could see
how your son
cavorts and carries
on with his wild beasts.
How proud you’d be
of the man he’s become.


  1. It's a wonderful memory celebration. It's a wish that would be nice to bring our older grandparents back to enjoy the 'who' of their families now.

    1. It sure is. It also makes me wonder about the great grandchildren I will probably never get to see and meet.