Gordon: Bark To The Future! by Ashley Spires

This is the second in the PURST series. It might make more sense if you have already read the first in the series, Fluffy Strikes Back.  That said, it is a barrel of fun anyway. If you are not already a fan of Ashley Spires' Binky series, you are living a deprived life. If you have, or work with children in the 'beginning to read stages,' all these graphic novels are a must have. 

It doesn't matter that Gordon is a dog, and and Binky is a cat. They are best friends and partners. They are also members of PURST. (Pets of the Universe Ready for Space Travel)
In this volume, Aliens (flies) have invaded the house in the middle of the night and captured Binky. Gordon's superior officer, Fluffy, has been neutralized. No one at PURST is responding to his calls for help. It's up to Gordon to save the day! 

Gordon is not known for his agility and strength. His weapon is his mind, but none of his inventions have prepared him for this! He has a prototype that might help, but it has never been tested.

I can't help but love how goofy Gordon, the brilliant dog is. In the middle of dire circumstances, when he must decide what to do, he is distracted by his love of playing with his ball and steak. 

Readers will love these humorous insights into his character. At last, when he manages to focus enough to get into his time traveling device, he unfortunately ends up a bit too far into the past.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to find out if Gordon can save his people and the world. I guarantee you will enjoy the wacky mishaps, the puns, and general sweet goofiness of the story and images. 

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