21/30 Poem A Day Challenge

April 21, 2018

We are blessed to live in an extended family situation with our son, his wife and their ten month old baby, Ada. Although we eat together, Gramma and Grampa live in one part of the house and Mommy and Daddy live in another. Ada is pretty much the ruler of everywhere.


Hustle bustle toddle round
Crawling here and there
Babbling scrabbling making sounds
Climbing without fear

Banging clanging pots and pans
Tossing round your toys
Waving at your many fans
Screeching loud with joy

Clapping hands and winking eyes
Arms plead up up up
Loves shines out your biggest smile
And overflows our cup

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  1. Oh, she is precious, Cheriee, and so is your poem, perfect rhythm & rhyme! I love that you titled it "Ada", but in your final intro words, "the ruler of everywhere" is quite wonderful as an add-on!

    1. You are correct Linda. She has all of us wrapped quite gloriously around around her finger.