Where You'll Find Me by Natasha Friend

Today's review is written by Alwyn in grade 7. We are both hard core Natasha Friend fans. 

Where you'll find me is an incredible book!

Natasha Friend writes books about hard topics. Where You'll find me is no exception. Because this book deals with divorce, mental illness, suicide, and  loneliness, I recommend no one under the age of ten read it.

All families have issues. Some families have more issues and 
Anna's family is one of these. It is hard for her to cope with them all. Anna is struggling ever since discovering her mother near death after an attempt at suicide. She is starting eighth grade friendless, since her best friend dropped her. As if that isn't enough, Anna has to move in with her dad and his new wife and baby. People won't tell her anything about how her mom is doing. 

But there might be hope in Anna's life with new friends and getting to understand her father's wife better. 

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