The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy

I am utterly charmed by this book. I love this family. I love these boys. 

You will too. 

It's a modern family classic: the story of two fathers and their four sons. Levy has crafted complicated characters for all of them. This is a family you could live next door to. These are boys you can see yourself going to school with. There's Sam, the eldest, a soccer fiend who discovers hidden talents within himself; Jax who is struggling to stay connected to his best friend and find a connection to their new neighbor; Eli the brilliant child who is learning that there is more to life than academics; and Frog (Jeremiah) the youngest, a kindergartener who brings his imaginary friend to school with him. And then there are Papa and Dad, two loving parents. 

Aside from the humour and delightful characters, under the surface this book tackles big issues like war and it's aftermath, and what kind of education is really best for children and how do we support all of them? 

I recommend this as a read aloud for everyone - kindergarten and up. 


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