The Prince Of Neither Here Nor There (Red Cedar Book)

The Prince Of Neither Here Nor There
By Seán Cullen

This is the first book in the The Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince. Fans of the Hamish X series will be happy to find that the same narrator is recounting this tale of an exceptionally nerdy 14 year old boy at a school for nerds.

Brendan is a clumsy teenager who hangs around with his geeky friends and a much cooler girl named Kim. He thinks he is just a normal a kid whose worst problem is dealing with the school bully.

Then strange things start to happen.

First, Kim and the new substitute teacher seem to be more than they appear to be. At a concert, he gets so mesmerized by the music that his father and Kim have to remove before he jumps on the stage to start dancing. He has what he thinks are strange dreams and the next day begins to hear voices and ends up talking to animals. Of course he suspects he is going crazy.

Eventually he discovers that he is a Faerie who was disguised as a human at birth and hidden from the Faerie world. I did not spell that wrong. As the narrator explains, “This is a story about Faeries. Not Fairies. There’s a big difference and it isn’t just that one is spelled with an “e.” Fairies are ineffectual little things that flit about in children’s stories....” Brendan soon discovers that while these Faeries are magical, they are also dangerous and deadly. It doesn't take long before Brendan is caught up in a battle between good and evil that involves chases, battles, and all kinds of strange creatures.

Readers who love humor, fantasy and action packed adventure will enjoy this book. I can’t wait to get my hands on Book Two: The Prince of Two Tribes.

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