Faery Rebels (Red Cedar Book)

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson

Like my last review, this is another Red Cedar nominated book.

After reading this one, I desperately wanted to believe in faeries.

A community of them lives in the Oakenwyld, an ancient oak tree in the yard next to a human house. The Oakenwyld is in serious trouble. Life is harsh. Ages ago the faeries lost their magic and are being struck down by a disease called the silence. Faeries must bargain with each other for what they need. Friendship, caring and love seem to be unheard of. How this sundering came to be, or if there is anyway to undo it is a mystery.

Knife, the heroine, is a strong resourceful character. She isn’t afraid to take risks, get into trouble, and is smart enough figure out how to save herself. She is determined to discover what caused the loss of magic and find a way to change things. To do this she must peel away the layers of secrecy shrouding the community. Knife has no idea who to trust, but has supporters she is unaware of. She is used to breaking all kinds of faery rules, but not even she can imagine the consequences when she forms a friendship with a human male.

It is beautifully written. Anderson drew me completely into the world of the wyld and it’s inhabitants. Perhaps because I grew up in a home with someone who used a wheel chair, I felt deep empathy for Paul (the human) and his family, but I think it was as much because of the way Anderson crafted the story and demonstrated the tensions in the relationships.

I also liked it because while it is the first in the faery rebel series, it is completely satisfying all by itself.

There is an element of love story in this book, but it is also a book full of adventure, suspense and mystery. I don’t know who wouldn’t enjoy it.

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