Poem A Day Challenge April 8, 2019

I am still participating in April's Poem A Day Challenge. 
Here is today's endeavour. There are parts I'm still struggling with, but I really must move on to other things. 

Dealing With The Inevitable

I am not a tidy mouse
Defining fun as cleaning house
Domesticity is a curse
When you suffer from word thirst

In this I'm like my mother
Who had many other
Passions that I share
What do I care

If surfaces stockpile dust
My interest is in what is just
Researching my thesis
Cutting fabric into pieces

Let me be I must implore
I don't mean to be a bore
Just leave me in my cosy nook
Safely ensconced inside my book 

Adventure, romance, mystery
Nonfiction and or fantasy
Whisk me away from this 
Accumulating messiness

It's not that tough
The basic stuff
Sweeping an occasional floor
Doing an occasional chore

I'm sure that you agree with me
One can live with some debris 
Children's toys upon the floor
Are really not an eyesore

There is much I'd rather do
Than cleaning kind of hullabaloo 
But there comes a time 
When I cannot rhyme 

When rooms with dust are laden
Vacuuming becomes a trade in
As much as I love poetry
Breathing's a priority

It's quite unsettling I confess
To see the bathroom such a mess
The time has come to scour the tub
give the toilet a good scrub 

And lo this miserable kitchen
I must step up, I must pitch in
There's grunge in here I must assail
Where did I leave the mop and pail?

I have a little secret
You won't find in a leaflet
Cleaning's not that tragic
When you have a store of magic

I'll just put my earbuds in
And let the audiobook begin

1 comment:

  1. Perfect timing on this one as I was just complaining about how my house isn't clean because there are a million other things I'd rather do. Thanks for the reminder about listening to an audiobook as I clean. I'll keep that in mind when I get to the pile by my desk...eventually.