29/30 Poem A Day Challenge

April 29, 2018

Over the past week or so I have been watching the rhododendron bush outside our front room window. The buds, at first inconsequential, are now burgeoning and ready to burst forth. Today, with the first hints of this display, I wanted to honour its seasonal glory. 

bloom soon rhododendron
soon rhododendron bloom

A Skinny is a short poem form that consists of eleven lines. The first and eleventh lines can be any length (although shorter lines are favored). The eleventh and last line must be repeated using the same words from the first and opening line (however, they can be rearranged.) The second, sixth, and tenth lines must be identical. All the lines in this form, except for the first and last lines, must be comprised of ONLY one word. The Skinny was created by Truth Thomas in the Tony Medina Poetry Workshop at Howard University in 2005.

It wasn't til after I finished this poem and was reading more about this format that I realized they are poems about social issues. I will try one of those soon. 

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  1. Oh it is going to be beautiful! Buds are breaking out around here, too! I guess we truly can say "happy spring" now. Thanks for the "skinny" info, & whether 'social' or not, I liked what you did with your "skinny"!

  2. Lovely, Cherie! I know many are about justice issues...we (the Poetry 7) definitely went more personal in ours. Yours is so vivid!