09/30 Poem A Day Challenge


I think of you in the spring, 
when the world is chaotic with colour.
I think of you 
lying in your hospital bed 
waiting for the end 
of the late winter of your life.

I think of you in the spring, 
one last car ride.
I couldn’t give you blossom time in the Okanogan
but gave you these city streets abundant with new life;
ornamental cherry blossoms, 
flowering magnolia stars,
early bulbs bursting with colour.

I think of you in the spring,
the day we escaped from the hospital 
to embrace the rebirth of the world.
We ended up at Dairy Queen 
where you ate part of a Peanut Buster Parfait.
They were always your favourite treat.

I think of you in the spring 
when warm rains wake the earth. 
Those rich, fecund odours 
remind me of the time
the old gods were getting ready
to welcome you home.

I think of you most in the spring. 
I miss you most in the spring.
I remember
your eyes sparkling, 
your smile shining
in your worn and weary face; 
your love for all of us there till 
the very end 
and beyond.


  1. Just what is, always remembering, Cheriee. I love this, and seeing a pic of your mother. My mother's birthday is tomorrow, and yes, I am thinking of her, like you are thinking of yours.

    1. I hope your memories are as full of love as mine are Linda.