03/30 Poem A Day Callenge

April 3, 2018

This morning I decided to write a simple haiku. It metamorphosed into a cinquain. Then got completely out of control and ended up here, far from where I began in both content and format. 

Holding fast to our belief in the righteousness of spring 
We march into winter
Stalwart against the dim lit days and dark dreary nights
We rejoice in the first snow
Embrace midwinter festivals of light
Hopeful as daylight doggedly returns 
We slog through 
Mud and rain and snow
Mud and rain and snow 
Ad nauseam 
Peering through barren branches at an overcast sky 
In search of sun and warmth 
Doubt niggles in


  1. Oh, sorry you didn't hold fast, and "doubt niggles in". It's metamorphosed into a rant, right?

    1. Kind of. Not so much where I live with my picture window full of ornamental cherry blossoms, but many of my Canadian friends woke up to another snow storm today.