01/30 April 2018

April 1

Easter Sunday Ruminations On Eggs

The perfect egg
begins with content chickens.
Guilt's bitterness 
is skirted by eating eggs 
from happy hens 
who gobble up wholesome food.
Brown or white, the  
shell is irrelevant dressing.

Boiled, fried, or poached
prime orange yolks must be rich, 
soft, creamy and
enveloped in the perfect 
still counterpoint
of barely set albium.
Smatter with salt
and a grinding of pepper.

Note: there is no 
middle ground between that and
a hard boiled egg 
which is ideal trekking fare, 
compact, hearty
and worry free
all wrapped up in 
biodegradable shell.

The best eggs were
prepared by my Granny A, whose
soft and creamy
butter drenched scrambled eggs and
homemade toasted bread 
depended on a black wood stove
and stories of life, 
served up with a side of love

1 comment:

  1. Love this ode to the perfect "package", an egg, Cheriee. I have that same memory of the final verse, that woodstock cooking! I also love that you put in the "biodegradable shell"!