Max and Bird by Ed Vere

Max is a naive young kitten who attempts to act like a traditional cat, but is sidetracked by his sweet nature. Usually this means he ends up befriending his dinner. I've been smitten with him since being introduced to him in Max the Brave. In that first book, Max went in search of a mouse to catch. Unfortunately, he had no idea what a mouse was. I loved him even more in Max at Night, when Max headed off on a quest to find the moon and say goodnight. If you haven't been introduced to Max yet, you are going to want to get copies and read them. 

In this book Max meets a baby bird. After some negotiating, Max agrees to help the little bird learn to fly. I adore that the two of them go to the library to check out books about flying. 

After some research, they figured out what to do.  Both of them concentrated, stuck out their wings and flapped hard. Nothing happened. 

No matter how hard they tried and how much they dreamed of flying, they couldn't take off. 

You are going to have to read the book to see how the flying and friendship lessons go. 

Ed Vere's sweet humour appeals to adults and children alike. His books teach all of us that friendship can be found in all kinds of people, no matter how different they are from us. 

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