The Thing Lou Couldn't Do by Ashley Spires

Ashley Spires has done it again; created a picture book with a character so filled with spunk we can't help but love her. Her playful juxtaposition of sweetness and humour in her text and images, captures the quintessence of childhood.

Lou and the rest of this diverse group of characters are adorable. Like all children across time, Lou and her friends, in their playful role-playing and adventuring, are preparing themselves to take over the world. They can do all kinds of things including running faster than airplanes, building mighty forts and rescuing wild animals.

They are deep sea divers, race car drivers, and maybe even pirates. Yet when Lou's friends decide a tree will be their pirate ship, she hesitates. Lou has never climbed a tree before. She doesn't know how. She isn't sure if she wants to learn.
Poor Lou.

She tries to redirect her friends to play another game, but they are adamant that only the tree will do. She tries to keep herself busy doing other things. She creates all kinds of excuses for why she can't climb the tree. 

Meanwhile, her friends remain in the tree. They are having a fabulous time.

How Lou manages to find the courage to overcome her fear, I leave for you to read and find out.

What I can tell you is that Ashley Spires does not let us down. 

This ending is both courageous and realistic. Readers of all ages can make connections to our own fears, worries and challenges. Hopefully Lou and Ashley will help us all find our own confidence and hope. 

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for May, 2017 to purchase it. Mark your calendars.

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