Fluffy Strikes Back by Ashley Spires.

There are many reasons to love Ashley Spires. She is a local Vancouver, B.C. talent. Spires is both author and illustrator of The Most Magnificent Thing, as well as other brilliant picture books. She is the illustrator of Spare Dog Parts and many other titles. However, most of the readers in an elementary school will recognize her as the author of the Binky series and appreciate her for her sense of humour. 

Her new cockamamie graphic novel is hilarious. It is certain to entertain elementary school readers from kindergarten on up. Fans of the Binky series will love Fluffy. 

Sergeant Fluffy Vandermere is head of P.U.R.S.T (Pets of the Universe Ready for Space Travel) His job is to protect the world from alien domination. (bugs.) 

Entrance to P.U.R.S.T headquarters is in a secret sandbox. It is supremely well guarded and fortified. Yet in spite of this remarkable defence system, the bug aliens manage to infiltrate their headquarters. 

In order to save the world Fluffy has to leave his managerial desk and become an operative once more. Will he be up for the challenge? You'll have to purchase your own copy of this book to find out. (Or, you could borrow it from your local library.) 

School libraries should purchase numerous copies of this book. It will be popular. 

Parents take note, if you get a chance, sneak it from your kids and read it on your own. Of course you might enjoy reading it to your little ones too. 

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