Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln? By Kate DiCamillo & Chris Van Dusen (illustrator)

You know those books that lift your heart into the sky and let it soar? 

This is one of those.

Two elderly sisters live together on Deckawoo Drive. The elder, Eugenia, bosses and controls the younger sister. Then one night Baby Lincoln dreams of riding the train and watching stars streak across the sky. In the morning her ordinary life is revealed in it's depressing constraints and so she decides, much to the dismay of Eugenia, to go on a 'necessary journey.'

This journey is more necessary than either of them can imagine.

Baby, doing something by herself for the first time, packs her bag and sets out. She is met by many different and interesting characters along her necessary journey.

Stella, a young girl, accompanies her to the train station ands helps her get on a train to Fluxom.

A gentleman in a fur cap introduces her to the pleasure of reading newspaper comics.

A young woman, Sheila, introduces her to the joys of jelly beans and helps her remember her given name, Lucille Abigail Eleanor Lincoln.

A young boy is given into her temporary care and helps her discover her unknown gift for storytelling.

When Lucille arrives in Fluxom, she is uncertain what to do next. But don't worry dear reader, it all works out in the end. When she returns home, both Baby and Eugenia live richer and more fulfilled lives. 

Even though these characters are old folks, I am certain that readers of all ages will enjoy reading about them. 

I read this through Netgalley and the artwork was missing. I'm going to have to find a copy of the real book so I can appreciate Chris Van Dusen's illustrations. 

Thank you Kate DiCamillo for another tale from Deckawoo Drive and reminding all of us that coming of age stories are not limited to the younger crowd.

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