Max at Night by Ed Vere

I adore Max. I adored Max the Brave, and feel the same about Max at Night. Max is pretty much my favourite fictional kitten. 

I have a four year old great nephew named Max. When I got Max the Brave from Netgalley to read, I shared it with him. We read it over and over again and laughed and laughed. I bought two copies of that book, one for our school library, and one for my Max.

In this second book, it is long past Max's bedtime. Sleepy Max heads off to do his ablutions before saying goodnight to Fish, Box, Spider, and then Moon. 

When Max cannot find Moon anywhere he sets out on a journey to find it. In the dark night Max climbs over the sleeping dog, up a high tree, to the rooftops and eventually onto the tallest building. When he can't find Moon there, Max has to climb to the highest of the high hills. When Max has finally had enough, 

Moon finally reveals itself. A reassured and now very tired Max, returns home the way he came.

Ed Vere has embedded so much sweetness in these books. I love this marriage of images and words. This is a book that will make lots of little people and their parents happy. It's the perfect bedtime story. Purchase it for your library. Gift it to the little people you know. I know what my Max will be getting for Christmas this year. 

Thank you so much Mr. Vere. 
I can hardly wait for the next installment of Max's adventures.

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