New Picture Books March 2, 2015

Every Friday a new set of books is put on display for students and teachers to peruse and put on reserve if they so wish. Here are a few of the picture books for the next week. 

Blizzard by John Rocco

There is something contrary about putting this book on display when the sun is streaming in through library windows and children are running around outside in t-shirts. Spring flowers and cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere. Still, I know that in other parts of the country, snow is commonplace. In sympathy with them, we'll read it. Besides, it's a testimony to the beauty of winter, wild weather, ingenuity and family. I can't help but point out that it was the reader who saved the day!
It's a stellar book that reminds me of being stranded in Nova Scotia during a blizzard.

Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison

I've been so busy with other stuff this week that we didn't get our new books out til Friday morning. This meant I had no time to preread the new picture books. When a group of grade 2/3/4's came in, I gave them a choice between Extraordinary Jane, and another book. They choose Jane. It is a beautiful story that resonates how important it is to be accepted for who you are. We loved and laughed at the illustrations. We were especially charmed by "the whole balancing ball disaster." We had to translate what 'grin and bear it' means, to them. (The bear is reading a book with this title while waiting in the hospital emergency.) Without a doubt, our favorite image is the last one. As the classroom teacher stated,  "That is a lot of love."

Please Bring Balloons by Lindsay Ward

The illustrations are gorgeous, and the story is charming. As a Teacher Librarian, I wasn't happy to see the four page open section of the polar bear rumpus. It is a gorgeous image, but the pages just won't survive a lot of circulation. It will be worth it until then though. 

Take Away the A by Michael Escoffier & Kris Di Giacomo

Oh I love this book. It is an excellent alphabet book! Each page has a sentence that begins: Without the... Two words are then highlighted; one with, and one without the the letter. The illustrations add the extra oomph to tell the story. The letter P is the most devious as you can see for yourself here!

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