Accidental Alphabet by Dianna Bonder

5 stars

I am a sucker for poetry. 
I am a sucker for alphabet books. 
Put them together, and if it's well done, it's a special delight. 
Glorious illustrations make it even better. 

In Accidental Alphabet, Dianna Bonder's language and illustrations are rich and lushly hedonistic. It's almost overdone, but so beautiful, you have to go back for more. 

Now throw in a splash of humor, and what can I say, it's like discovering a kind of literary paradise. 

Look at this page for the letter U and you will see what I mean.

At the end of the book are lists that turn the book into a search and find puzzle book. There is a list of hints for how you can find hidden letters and a list of questions that send you back to the book looking for specific details.

Even though this is not a new book, (it was published in 2002) it's new to our library. I predict children will love it. 

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