Mark Pett's Wordless Picture Books

I purchase books based on reviews from places like Kirkus and bloggers I trust. Then they arrive at the school and go through the process of cataloging and protection that enables them to weather the storms of circulation. So while I've had these books in my hands numerous times, it isn't till today, when I grabbed them to put on display for next week, that I got around to actually reading them.

All I can say is WOW! Pett's deceptively simple illustrations pack a wallup. 

The Girl and the Bicycle

5 stars

I'm astounded that a wordless picture book can bring me to tears, not just once, but twice. A young girl sees a bike in a window and falls in love with it. She works hard to make and save enough money to purchase it. Eventually she goes back to the store with her little brother, only to discover that the bike has been sold.

Note her dismay when the girl discovers the bicycle is gone. 

The Boy and the Airplane

5 stars

I read this one directly after reading The Girl and the Bicycle. I didn't get as much of an emotional reaction to this one. It's more philosophical and thoughtful. That said, this is still an amazing read. A boy gets a plane as a gift.Then it lands on the roof of his house. I'm not going to spoil the story except to say that he does eventually get it back.

Check out the joy resonating in this illustration of the boy with his airplane. 

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