Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis has the capacity to write about difficult issues with remarkable elegance and grace. Moon at Nine is no different. 

Based on a true story, it's about two girls, Ferrin and her friend Sadira. They are high achieving students attending a private girls' school for gifted learners. The time is 1988, shortly after the Iranian Revolution and the fall of the Shah. 

Ferrin's life is tangled with secrets. Her parents live western style lives behind closed doors. Her mother is working to bring the Shaw's son back into power. Any of this could bring them to the attention of the revolutionary guards and destroy them. 

As if this wasn't enough, Ferrin and Sadira are also keeping a dangerous secret. They love one another. It will mean certain death if they are discovered. 

While not a complicated story, it is tense and fast paced. I wanted this story to have a happy ending, but was prepared for the worst. 

It will be a welcome addition to our library because it opens a world into diverse characters in a diverse setting. 

It is suggested for students in grades 9 and up, but I feel my grade sevens, and even my sophisticated sixes could manage it. 

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