I Have a Bad Feeling About This by Jeff Strand

I have no idea where I read about, or why I put a hold on this book from our public library. All I know is that it showed up as ready to be picked up and so I did. Honestly, I was dismayed at first. I really didn't think this would be my kind of book at all. 

I am so glad I read it. Sure it isn't my usual fare, but it is a well written engaging tale, full of ridiculous humor and madcap adventure. 

Simply put, our hero, Henry Lambert, and his best friend, Randy, are 16 year old skinny nerds who would rather play video games than romp in the great outdoors. Yet they end up in the wilds at Strongwoods Survival Camp along with three other mostly nerdy boys, Erik, Jackie, and Stu. Max, the slightly demented instructor, is determined to turn them into outdoorsy young men. 

One night Henry is forced to sleep outside as punishment. He meets up with Monica, a fearless girl from the nearby music camp, who is out walking in the dead of night through the forest. Of course he is instantly infatuated. Monica we soon discover is one feisty young woman. 

Then three gangsters show up at the camp with the intention of murdering them all. There's a lot of tomfoolery but also some seriously intense moments as the boys, with the help of Monica, save the day. 

I loved the humor in this book. I laughed out loud more times than I can remember. I snickered at the WILDERNESS SURVIVAL TIPS. Some of them are even sensible, like this one I myself depend on when I am huckleberry picking in the high bear infested Rocky Mountains. 

I really enjoyed this book except for these weird interruptions in the form of some goofy reporter trying to ask questions at a film screening of the adventure. Sure it was interesting that the movie wasn't like the real story, but it wasn't really needed. 

I'm thinking I will most certainly get this for our collection. 

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