195 Summer Reading Recommendations From Dickens School Community

A few weeks before the end of school at a Monday morning assembly, instead of doing my usual book talks, I explained that I was hoping to read a book a day over the summer. I held up a piece of chart paper and asked our school community, (students, parents, and staff) to write down their recommendations for what I, and others, should read during our vacation. After the assembly, I hung the paper on a wall outside of the library. By Tuesday morning, that sheet was full, so I put up another. By Wednesday morning, that sheet was full, so I put up another. On the Thursday, I put up another sheet. That sheet stayed up until we left. 

It's taken me a while but here is the list in digital form. I've added some titles of my own that I plan to read. If you click on a book title it will take you to a Goodreads link so you can read what others think of it. Information on reading grade levels and interest grade levels comes from Perma-Bound. Occasionally I couldn't find this information. 

If you have more suggestions or the title you recorded isn't here, it might mean I overlooked it or I couldn't figure out what the book was, please repost the title and author's name here.

This link below should take you to a google doc. If you click on the link you will be able to see it and make comments. 

Dickens' Summer Reading Recommendations

Here's another way to access the list as an excel file for your own use.

Happy Summer everyone! I can't wait to get back in September to talk about the books you are reading!

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