Texting the Underworld by Ellen Booraem

I am glad I finally discovered the safe place where I lost this book.  While it may not be a truly unusual meme, it is a really really good read. 

Connor O'Neil is not at all hero material. But when a banshee comes to visit, he travels with her (and his sister and grandfather) into the underworld to save someone in his family from death.  In the process he finds out that he has more strength than anyone, including himself, suspected. 

The humorous use of technology in the afterlife is delightful. Putting demigods and immortals into a modern day context adds to the fun. 

I really liked the big picture perspective of this narrative.  There are connections through time and space to multiple aspects on death and the afterlife. There are human relationships that connect, and maybe even repeat, across time. 

Ultimately this book is about accepting death as part of life.


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