The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen

I liked this book and admit that it was difficult to put it down and get on with the other compelling things in my life. I stayed up til almost midnight to finish it. 
In this sequel to The False Prince, the adventures of Jaron, King of Carthya, continue. Jaron is a contrary hero. At the same time as I appreciate his attitude, like the rest of his loyal entourage, as often as not, I'm ready to wring his neck. 
After an assassination attempt, Jaron is forced to runaway and heads off in search of the pirates. The journey is filled with adventure, suspense, and betrayal. I like that Jaron is maturing. I like that he is making new friends and finding strong supporters of his own. It seems like things are looking up for him at the end of this book, but there is a sequel, so we shall have to see. I'm looking forward to reading The Shadow Throne!


  1. Isn't it fabulous?! F & B and I are 4 chapters away from finishing The Shadow Throne. Love this trilogy!

  2. I have The Shadow Throne in front of me but don't dare start it til earlier on - maybe tomorrow. Tonight I'm working on The Dream Thieves.