Me & Jack by Danette Haworth

Joshua Reed's father is a recruiter for the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. His mother died a number of years ago. Joshua and his father travel from place to place so he has learned how to "play the new kid."

This time they ended up on Pennsylvania where they adopted Jack, a unique breed of dog, from the local pound. Jack and Joshua become inseparable. Other than some conflict with Prater, a boy who lives nearby, it seems like they might have landed in an ideal place. Then strange things start happening in the neighborhood at night and Jack ends up getting blamed. 

What transforms this novel into more than a great story about a dog, a boy, and friendship, is the backdrop of the war and the role it plays in how the characters interact with each other.

It is well written with an engaging plot. The characters themselves are rich and multidimensional. I cared for all of them, including Prater.

I'm going to recommend this book to the many dog lovers, but I'll also suggest it to those kids who seem to have a fascination for war.

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