The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

This review is written by Delaney and Millen in Division 14. 

An orphan named Sage lives a dull life in an orphanage in Carthya, a mystical country. Soon, though, after being whisked away by the noble, Conner, he finds himself in a castle with two other boys.  Conner has a plot to place an impersonator in the throne, since the mysterious death of the king and queen has just taken place - and the impersonator will be one of those boys. Sage finds himself tested to prove his similarity between himself and the missing Prince Jaron. The other competitors, Roden and Tobias, try to show Conner they are better suited for the position of king. While at times Sage finds himself being friends with the two orphans, he knows in the end they will have to be enemies. It is unlikely Conner will let the losers walk away with their lives.

This book was a thrilling page-turner. At times it seemed most likely that one boy would become prince, but soon it appeared that the other one would be crowned. The character development and fast paced plot was a brilliant way to engage the reader. Both of us found it difficult to put down because we always wanted to find out what happened on the next page.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great book to read! Thank you for this review Delaney and Millen!