The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford

I am a fan of magical realism so it was a shoe-in that I would love this book. I did. On the one hand it is the story of an ordinary girl in an ordinary suburb. On the other, there is strange magic afoot.

Minty's life changes the day she discovers the secret tree in the woods by her house.
People put their secrets in its hole and the ghost that lives in it eats them and releases them to the winds.

Finding the tree marks the beginning of a tumultuous summer for Minty. Strange things are going on in her neighborhood. Her best friend is behaving oddly and keeps having strange ailments. A cat goes missing.
Minty and her new secret friend, Raymond, discover the messages in the tree and spy on their community to figure out who owns what secrets.
As Minty ponders the private yearnings and guilt of her neighbors, she begins to look more closely at them. Ultimately she also learns a lot more about herself. 

Natalie Standiford just might be one of my new favorite authors. 

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