Powerless by Matthew Cody

I have been working my way through the pile of books recommended to me by students. I was told this was a fantastic book by a charming grade 7 boy.
He was right.

When Daniel Corrigan and his family moved to the town of Nobel’s Green to be with his ailing grandmother, he was full of nervous apprehension. It is a good thing he loved to read detective novels and dreamed of being Sherlock Holmes. Not only did it help pass time, it prepared him for his new life in Nobel’s Green.

Ok, so nothing in life could really prepare him for his new friends. They seem a bit odd, but it isn’t until one of them saves his life that he discovers that his new friends have super powers. Molly can fly. Rohan has hyper senses. Eric can fly and has incredibly strength. Simon can control electricity. Rose can become invisible.

Unfortunately there is a dark side to their lives. They must abide by four important rules.

  1. Use Your Powers To Help. Never Hurt.
  2. The North Face And The Old Quarry Are Off-Limits. Danger Waits For Us There.
  3. It Ends At Thirteen
  4. Never Ever Let Grown Ups Know
When the children turn thirteen, not only do they lose their power, their memories of their super powers and of their friendships also disappear. This is where Daniel comes in. While he may not have super powers, he is extremely good at detecting and he uses this to help his friends figure out why they lose their powers, and what they can do to stop it.

It involves breaking the rules. There are also some terrifying and suspenseful moments fighting ‘the shroud’.  I was sucked into the story from the very beginning.
It is both a book about superheroes and a mystery at the same time.
Seriously, what more could you ask for

You could ask for a sequel. You would get it. Super has just been published. Can't wait to get my hands on it. 

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