Student eBooks - Fiction

Grade 2 students (and a few grade 1's) from divisions 3, 4, 5, & 6 have been working with me this year writing stories. In the second term they chose something to work on to publish. Needless to say, this took much much more work than I anticipated. Students illustrated characters that were then scanned and the backgrounds deleted. Background images were collected from the internet using google images. Unfortunately we were unable to limit our searches to reusable content due to the dumbed down version of safari on our ipads. I apologize for any copyright infringements, but we did our best and are using these images only for educational purposes. 
Some of you may recognize where the ideas for these stories come from. We thank these many authors for inspiring a new generation of writers. We steal creatively as we stand on your shoulders. 

Clicking on texts under the cover pictures will take you to a google document that you can then download. They are best read using some kind of reading app on your device such as ibooks, bluefire reader, or kindle. 

Space Men 

Emma and Rose 


  1. Thank you Cheriee for taking the time to help them write and create these books! They are absolutely incredible - Daniel said that he so enjoyed making his book with you and using an iPad. I'm sure he'll cherish this piece of digital work for a very, very long time! Kind regards, Leone H.

    1. Thanks Leone, I enjoyed working with Daniel and all the rest of the students!